Successful Thesis Team about to shoot their first independent film


MIAMI, Florida. Three of the four thesis directors and one of the producers decided to approach their next project called "My Struggle."

By Randy Ross

After shooting their Ai Miami International University thesis films Summer Berdin, Peter Bean, Andy Attenhofer and Erick Claux are approaching their next project called "My Struggle." The film deals with the Nurture vs. Nature subject and wants to teach people not to judge people.

The project will be shot in Miami. Right now the team is still looking for more investors but is very confident to start filming in the beginning of next year.


By MIU Press

MIAMI, Florida. The Thesis Film Paparazzi and its crew was honored with the Best Thesis Film 2004 Award. Cast and crew members celebrated extensively.

September 18, 2004, a big day for the cast and crew of Paparazzi. The film was honored with the Best Thesis Film 2004 Award at the same time the key members with their individual award for best writer, director, cinematographer, editor and producer.


Director Andy Attenhofer told the press that he is very honored to receive that award at the same time he emphasized that everyone in this thesis year worked very hard and should receive an award. He dedicated his award to all the actors and crew members that worked hard to get this film together.

"I would have never thought that we have a chance since it was so difficult to get the film together with virtually no budget. We had to organize more than 100 extras and a huge amount of props to dress the sets correctly," Andy told the press. "But I am happy to accept this award for all the sleepless night," he added laughingly. Those were only a few of all the difficulties the team of Paparazzi had to approach making this film. Bogdan Heretoiu's script has been the biggest one since the film department at Miami International University exist. Still after all doubts and sleepless nights the team put an award winning film together.

The six thesis films "Avaline", "Balance", "In the Gospel Ring", "Jazzman", "Charlotte & Joseph" and "Paparazzi" were screened at the Shores Theater to an audience of more than 300 people. It was a mixture between family members, actors, faculty and industry professionals. Everyone present enjoyed all the six films and was impressed with the quality of all of them.

Another team that was very delighted was the cast of Paparazzi. Unfortunately MIU was not able to invite all actors due to the limited amount of seats in the theater. Present were Ford D'Aprix, August Ruth, Cody Nevils, Jennifer Rayborn, Paul Nicholson, Julia Clearwood, Daniel Samonas and Michael Francis. They all enjoyed being part of Paparazzi and were as excited about the award as


the crew. All of them can look back to a great experience with a lot of fun but also hard work. Ford had to take a lot of beating since there were many scenes that included fight choreography. Even though all precautions are made, always something can happen. Also Cody Nevils, the youngest member of the cast enjoyed the screening a lot. Him and his younger sister, Kelsey who was an extra in the film were able to see themselves on the big screen. An exciting thing!

Many pictures were taken that soon will be release in the "Pictures and more..." section of the official Paparazzi Webpage: So please go and visit the website.

MIU Press asked Director Andy about his future plans. "My goal is to enter Paparazzi to several local film festivals and also put a cool DVD together with a lot of special features. Besides Paparazzi I am looking forward to co-directing another film in January with Peter Bean who directed Jazzman, another thesis film." The project Andy is approaching is his first independently financed short film that is going to be shot on 35 mm film in the beginning of the year. Andy hopes to be able to reunite some of the cast and crew members from Paparazzi in his new project. "I loved working with my cast, they were just absolutely amazing. All of them were so dedicated and didn't mind all the rehearsals we had," Andy said.

Stay tuned about the future of Paparazzi and keep checking on the webpage for the latest news, information on the cast and crew plus hundreds of pictures that were taken in Preproduction, Production and on the screening.