Andy Attenhofer

Director / Writer

My Struggle

Year: 2006

Length: 30 min

Writer: Peter Bean

Producer: Summer Berdin

Director: Andy Attenhofer, Peter Bean


Cloning a human being is seen as unethical and unsound in the eyes of many people. Several scientists in a small town do this very thing to answer a debate that has troubled science for a long time: Nature vs. Nurture. Adam is that once normal thirteen-year-old boy. Scientists, posing as neighbors, friends, and family, created him from the genes of an evil man: Adolf Hitler. As Adam finds out about his origins, so too does the rest of the town. Riots ensue with Nazi extremists, Holocaust survivors, and scientists chasing after him. Adam has to determine for himself whether he will become what history wants him to be or is truly a good-natured child underneath it all.

Awards: Global Arts Film Festival Los Angeles (Winner)

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