Andy Attenhofer

Director / Writer

Suspension of Disbelief

Suspension of Disbelief happens every day and right in front of our eyes. Why? Because we allow it to happen.

My Struggle

Cloning a human being is seen as unethical and unsound in the eyes of many people. Several scientists in a small town do this very thing to answer a debate that has troubled science for a long time: Nature vs. Nurture.


Franco, a famous Paparazzo, made his former girlfriend Milena a superstar using his status and abilities with the lens. They broke up after Franco cheated on her. Years later they finally meet each other again at a party, Milena embarrasses the Paparazzo in front of everyone.


Ephraim, a blind man, has been looking for the truth all his life: Why did his real parents give him up for adoption?